Warren Curling Club's History

On November 12, 1924 a meeting was held in the school to organize a curling club in Warren.  R.J. Munroe, who was also elected President, chaired the meeting.   The first Secretary was M. Stewart.  The first executive consisted of B. Doak, W Manchester. L. Thompson, J.C. Cassels and H.J. Riddell.  The Ice Committee was composed of G. Boyd, W. McCrimmon and R.J. Hunter.  The first patron was J.T. Boyd and the first chaplain Rev. Meech.  Membership for the first season was $10.00.

The Agricultural Hall built in 1914, was the building used and twenty feet had to be added to the north end to have sufficient length.  L. Thompson was appointed to purchase a lighting plant.  The curling rink had a generator plant, so good lighting was enjoyed.  When the winds blew, little drifts of snow had to be swept off the ice, as you followed a rock down.   To make good curling ice, water was hauled from the Assiniboine River and also from Winnipeg.  Allen Green was the milk truck driver.  After emptying the cans at the dairy, he would fill up the clean cans with hot water and haul it to the rink.  The ice was flooded and re-flooded.    The waiting room had a potbellied wood stove at first, later it was changed to an oil heater.   Curling rocks were individually owned so there was a difference in size, weight and action.   

The first skips (Men’s league) in the new club were G. Boyd, L. Thompson, H. Riddell, W. Manchester, G. Hamilton, M. Schott and W. McCrimmon.  The first caretaker hired was W. McCrimmon and G. Harrison as assistant.  The Caretaker’s wage was $35.00 per month.

Warren Curling Club became a member of the Manitoba Curling Association and R.J. Munroe and G. Boyd were the first delegates to represent the club. A new cup was donated to the club – The Sheas Cup.

The Warren Ladies curling began on New Year’s Day 1925.  Twenty four women made up the six rinks and each member paid a fee of 15 cents for the winter’s curling.  Saturday afternoon was the chosen time of play.   A trophy donated by Dr. Walter Manchester in 1925 had fourteen shields bearing winners names.  It was retired in 1939.  In 1974 Darlene and Greg Jones presented the Jones Memorial Trophy for the first time.  The trophy was in memory of their mothers Wilda and Lil, who were tragically killed in a car accident.  First winners were: Joy Lillies (skip), Terry McCowan, Eileen Procter and Marjorie Hamilton.

The last year the old curling rink was used was the 1964/65 season.  There was no men’s curling in 1966 or 1967.  A new wooden structured curling rink, with an artificial ice plant was built in 1968.  The new facility was completely insulated and heated, with three sheets of ice and a one level waiting room with washrooms. It attached to the skating rink complex.